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The Plumbing Trade Test Preparation course is designed for experienced plumbers who intend to take their trade test. This comprehensive course aims to thoroughly equip participants before they sit for the trade test. This goal will be achieved by conducting practical assessments covering all facets of the plumbing trade. Any skill gaps identified during these assessments will be addressed to ensure a well-rounded preparation.

In this course, you will receive hands-on training within a workshop setting, led by industry experts. All modules will be conducted in a fully equipped workshop, enabling you to apply newly acquired practical skills immediately. This approach contrasts with a purely theoretical environment, as it emphasizes the practical aspects of plumbing that are essential for success in the trade test.

Throughout the course, you will gain valuable insights and expertise from seasoned professionals, enhancing your plumbing skills and boosting your confidence in your abilities. By focusing on real-world applications and practical proficiency, this course aims to optimize your readiness for the trade test. On completion of this course, you will receive your Section 26D Red Seal Certificate that is recognized in 156 countries worldwide.

Course Modules

  • Install a basin 

  • Install a GMS Gutter and shoe

  • Cut, bend and assemble copper piping

  • Install a push through geyser

  • Make and install a GMS Chimney Flashing

  • Install a shower

  • Install a water closet

  • Install a drainage system

  • Fabricate and fit a GMS vent pipe flashing

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Course Requirements

  • Enrolment / Admission requirements

  • 1 x Certified I.D copies

  • 1 x Curriculum Vitae

  • 1 x Service Letter

  • Practical experience company letter or an Affidavit if you do not have service letter (minimum 3 years.)

Course Duration

  • 15 days Preparation for Trade Test

  •  1 Day- ARPL – Evaluation - Screen test

  • 2 Days - Trade Test Exam

  • We book your Trade test for you.

  • New candidates may start their training on any given Monday. Each candidate has a different examination date and to accommodate we have cubicles that allows rotation of each module. The preparation is all practical installation tasks.


Contact Us

62 Cape Road, Fiveways Center, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth

041 354 5659 / 081 723 9916 / 073 065 8904 / 067 979 7441

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